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Read more about my quote, signing, deposit and contract process.

For a quote, I will need some details to give you the most accurate price! You can send me the info below via email or text message 979-587-4171. I will take this moment to note that since COVID, there has been a National flower shortage, and it is difficult to guarantee specific flowers. I would instead get attached to colors as opposed to clinging to one specific flower. I will try my absolute best to get your favorite flowers, but wanted to be transparent on the current situation.

Feel free to check if I am available your date before you go forward with spending all the time to make a list and gather pictures!

-Your Name
-Wedding Date
-Venue, or City if undecided (for travel fee)
-Color Scheme
-List of what and how many you would like quoted. (Keep in mind, you can always take off items, so I always advise to get a quote for your “dream” wedding to at least see what everything costs.)
-Inspiration pictures of: bridal bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets, arch pieces, centerpieces, other pieces that may need to be specific.
​-Flowers that you prefer if I can get them if you have any, flowers that you would not like included if you have any (some brides are very passionate about a few flowers they hate haha!)
​-Your Budget (my minimum is $2,000 before tax)

Once I get these, I will make a custom quote for you and talk about options and ways to benefit you!

*The entire booking and signing process is 100% online. I do not offer meetings or consultations.* ​Most of my brides email/text back and forth until we are all set on items/prices, and then ask to sign! Most of my brides do not need or want to have a phone call or meet up because we have already discussed everything down to the detail. My clients typically put a lot of trust in me and give me creative freedom to some degree. I used to be more open to meetings/calls but have found that they often waste my time AND the brides time, which I absolutely want to avoid! I decided after I drove 4 hours and back for a bride to meet with her for her to tell me I was out of her budget, that I would have stricter regulations on it- I hope you can understand! Another factor is that I tend to book myself (its hard for me to take a break!) very full and simply do not have time for meetings and consultations, as much as I would hope to! When you work a month and a half straight with only 3 days off total- you change things! For me, this was the area that made the cut.

I do require a non-refundable retainer fee of ~20% when signing to reserve your date and sign on with me. This retainer fee does apply towards your balance though! Total payment for the entire wedding is usually due on the first of the month before your wedding. If not received, your contract will be voided. The contract goes into more details! Once you get to this stage, you are all set! I will text back and forth with you, give you updates and check in to make sure you’re holding up alright throughout wedding planning. I am here to not only be your florist, but also your wedding best friend to help with or listen to you absolutely whenever you need!

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